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Warrenton Dental Center is a multifaceted dental practice located in Warrenton, Virginia offering preventative, restorative, cosmetic, orthodontic and surgical treatments to our patients.


General Dentistry

We believe prevention is the most important key to overall oral health. Part of prevention is having a check-up every six months. This enables us to catch any problems such as cavities, cracks in an existing filling (which can lead to secondary cavities), gum disease, or any unusual growths in the soft tissue of the mouth that must be attended to. At these check-ups the hygienist will clean your teeth and the dentist will check your teeth and gums.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Changing the appearance of your smile is easier than ever with porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin layers of tooth-colored material that can be bonded to your teeth to change their shape, size, alignment, or color. Porcelain veneers can repair chips and cracks, hide discoloration, and straighten crooked teeth. If your smile is in need of a new look, porcelain veneers may be the answer.



The Nite-Guide is a comfortable, clear appliance worn during the night, to provide preventive care for 5 to 7-year-old children while they sleep. Nite-Guide prevents the need for braces later on in children’s lives by being a preventive orthodontic solution. It provides a straight smile and a healthy occlusion early on, by guiding teeth properly into the mouth as the child grows and develops.


Oral Surgery

Our dentists perform tooth extractions when necessary (i.e. a non-restorable tooth, an impacted tooth, in preparation for orthodontics/braces). We make every effort to help ensure your comfort during and after the procedure through appropriate use of anesthetics and pain medications.

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  • It has been about 6 weeks since Dr. Foster gave me the best smile I have ever had. I had peg laterals my whole life. School was tough, children called me vampire mouth, would tell others to be careful "I would bite them and such their blood". I have been very been very aware of my teeth. I wouldn't smile in pictures and I when I meant others the first thing I would look at was their teeth, not them. As a child I would put a piece of paper over my teeth and imagine how it would look to have a perfect smile. I am almost 50 and have books of pictures with only a grin no smile. Dr. Foster gave me a straight smile, today I won't stop smiling. I feel as if I have a second chance at life to truly laugh and smile. I recently took pictures with my daughter and I could smile. I no longer look at others teeth or pretend what a great smile would look like......I have an awesome smile. Thank you Dr. Foster and team.

  • Best dentist office around!

  • Dr. Foster is absolutely great! I have never felt so calm in the dentist chair until I came here! :-) This is by far my favorite dentist!

  • I was terrified to go to the dentist but everyone here is soo nice and did a great job of not only my dental work but making me feel relaxed! Thanks to all the staff!!

  • Our whole family sees Dr. Foster. If you are looking for a great dentist that has amazing rapport with adults and kids, you've found her! We have been nothing but pleased and my young kids truly enjoy their visits to the dentist.

  • I can NOT say enough kind words about Dr. Foster. From the moment I called the office to the moment I sat in her chair, she and her staff were just a joy and just so wonderful. Just having moved back to the area her office can see my children as well as myself. She has such a warm "bedside" manner and is so personable. If you are considering her as your dentist I HIGHLY suggest her.

  • Our whole family has been seeing Dr. Foster for years. We know that we can count on her for personal, quality dental care. My husbands nickname for her is "painless"! Her whole office staff is friendly and helpful. It's amazing how they remember almost everyone by name!

  • I just came from Dr.Foster's Dental Center. It was first first time in quite a while that I needed cavities filled. Everybody dreads it. I was relieved when not only was it the most painless Novocaine shot I have ever had but it turns out Dr. Foster is a very gentle driller as well. Wow, I did not expect that! Thanks so much.

  • "Christmas Miracles Do Come True" I have never been to a more professional office than Warrenton Dental Center. Dr. Bonnie Foster and her staff are the absolute most caring, courteous, and giving people I have ever met. In my time of need Dr. Foster gave me the best gift I could have received by taking the extra time out of her busy schedule to perform what it took to repair my teeth and gums after many years of neglect. She gave me back my smile and for that special attention I want to say thank you beyond words to Dr. Foster and her incredible staff.