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Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are several dental restoration procedures and methods, which are used to treat a number of dental defects. The most elaborate of these procedures is a full mouth restoration, which is a combination of many restorative methods. This procedure may involve elements of Endodontic, Cosmetic and Periodontal dentistry, depending upon the condition of the patients’ oral health.

Patients who have experienced a number of dental operations, suffered from a long-term illness effecting oral health, been in an accident or have practiced poor brushing or dental care, may need to undergo such a procedure to repair the damage.

After thorough diagnosis, a treatment plan is set to return the mouth to its natural healthy state. Defects like missing teeth, chipped teeth, excess gums, periodontal diseases, bad bite or malocclusion and misaligned teeth can all be treated by full mouth restoration. These issues can affect the way you smile, speak and feel about yourself. A fuller teeth structure not only supports effective bite strength but also makes the face look younger, giving you renewed confidence.